Prancing Pony
Create a loyal following – then make sure they stay with you.
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To evolve the brand from a small fire-brewery to a large-scale craft brewery.

Continue to attract interest from brand loyalists for new beer varieties as they’re launched, while expanding the customer base. And ensure the ‘brew shed’ is seen as both the home of the brand, and great place to visit and trial the beers in it’s own right.


Prancing Pony’s Head Brewer has some pretty out there ideas for beer varieties, with a crazy story behind each one of them.

Rather than trying to reign in this eccentricity, we applaud, encourage it and promote it – to the point where a depiction of Frank, the Brewer, and his unmistakeable moustache, can be seen in the background of each label we design.


The iconic ‘moustache man’ has become synonymous with Prancing Pony’s branding. Hybrid has been associated with the brewery for over 4 years – during which we helped promote almost 20 different varieties of the beer.

Prancing Pony lineup

Hybrid was an early stage investor into this Adelaide Hills boutique brewery icon. In recent years, the brewery’s India Red Pale Ale achieved the esteemed title of The World’s Best Beer, in London’s World Beer Challenge Awards.

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