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Great minds don't think alike

Why we get up in the morning

Hybrid exists for those clients who share our passion for tomorrow. For those clients who recognise that marketing has changed more in the last 5 years than in the last 50. We exist for those clients who, like us, see opportunity rather than challenges in this new digital age.

What we do

Hybrid is not an advertising agency, nor a graphic design firm. We’re not a digital consultancy, nor a social media firm. We’re not a strategy consultancy, either. We’re what happens when you put each of these under one roof – a ‘hybrid’ of them all.

What makes us different

Our company is made up of specialists in strategy, innovation, design, technology, and creativity. What links this diverse group together is  innovation. What sets Hybrid apart is our drive and desire to leverage the digital age to invent new ways of creating and nurturing connections between brands and their consumers. That’s why we see ourselves as one of Australia’s leading innovation agencies.

We put our own money on the table, too

Through our innovation investment company Hybrid O2, we make direct investments in start-up businesses, as well as commercialising our own IP and products. These include Prancing Pony (craft brewery), Kick.it (digital behavioural change platform) and Slo Moe’s (slow-cooked American BBQ – food court operation, restaurant and food service division).

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